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The Recruiting Consortium is an alliance of experienced recruiters formed to provide recruitment services to organizations in need of top industry talent.  Our members are located throughout the United States which allows us to provide a higher level of service beyond the capabilities of any one member.  Simply put, we know how to source, attract and present great people to growing companies looking to fill critical positions.  Our specializations include executive level positions, information technology, engineering, accounting & finance, infrastructure and operational positions in both commercial and government sectors.

A key to our success is the network of experienced, effective recruiters we have developed who tend to have in excess of twenty years of recruiting experience.  We leverage these recruiting relationships in an on-demand fashion so we are able to meet hiring spikes as needed.    

We recognize the frustrations that exist when an organization cannot meet it's customer needs solely because they do not have the right people at the right time with the right skills and experience.  Our mission is to augment your existing corporate recruiting support or in some cases, be the sole provider of recruiting support to your organization so that you can succeed.  If you have ever struggled to meet a client deliverable, walked away from new business, lost existing business or not achieved personal career advancement or financial goals, we may be able to help you.

Our President Mark Bradley, has over 20 years of commercial and government recruiting experience.  He has worked for companies that include PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM and Fannie Mae.  He has managed teams in excess of 50 staff and has a record of providing top tier recruiting service to his customers.  Most importantly Mark enjoys helping others and is available to talk about your challenges and goals. 


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